Fine & Dandy

daonWell am happy to say the new “Dandy” and “Paper Plane” goodies have landed….it was well worth bagging them (‘scuse the pun!) before everyone else saw them at the shows, as they landed way, way earlier than I had hoped. The purses are cute as, the overnighter and weekender look huge enough to fit a good few spare pairs of shoes in them…..and the wallets…..well they smell just lovely!


I’ve packed off a few of my “Littlearth” handbags for a fashion photo shoot this week too….will be interesting to see if they pop up in print next month. “Littlearth” are an American brand of recycled (yes, really, even though they are probably THE most non recycled looking things I’ve seen….could be all the Swarovski they’ve got on them) handbags and belts. They’re made from funky old car number plates, tyres and soda caps…..though at a glance, you wouldn’t think it.