DIY & Sentimentality…

Well, I enjoyed Spring Fair, I thought it was a good show this year, and I found some interesting eye candy to boot.

English whimsy still seems to rule the day (think tea parties, old fashioned sentimentality, cabbage roses, bunting and union flag designs) and the jewellery halls were like a charm bead war zone. All the major UK known players were fighting for supremacy, and numerous (and I mean REALLY numerous) ranges that are, shall we say “inspired by” the originals, were following in their wake.

tower ringsFollowing on from the popularity of charm beads is the continuing trend for DIY jewellery…now, i don’t mean you have to actually go out and make your own, it’s all about making up your own combinations from a selection of components which easily fit together.

Stackable rings are on the increase, like the “Tower rings” range we stock at Relish, and stacking bangle ranges are appearing now too. Old school charm bracelets are creeping back again (the ones we’re used to in the UK, where the charms hang from a chain, like a pendant, rather like threading on like a bead) for that I’m thankful as I get so many requests for charms.

The idea of stringing together mixed pendants on one chain is getting into the main stream again, there were even  pre-selected combinations available!! (though i know we’ve all been doing it for years, and “pre-selected” isn’t really what it’s all about, is it?)largesilverwingset

 So, with this in mind, on it’s way is a range from “Silver Service” which is ideal fodder for mixing and matching. Keys, wings, tusks, hearts and skulls cover cute and sentimental through to punk and rockabilly edged styles. I personally am coverting the keys, so expect to see a bunch of them bouncing about on my chest for the Summer!….this is a range i’m really looking forward to getting….so i may be pouncing on poor postie every time i see him with a parcel until it arrives.keyrange

This weekend is Pure London….I’ve never been before, it’s a fashion trade show….all sounds a bit scary really and I’ve no idea what to wear or what to expect….as I was telling one of my suppliers at Spring fair who was surprised i’d not attended before “I’m a Pure virgin”…..doh!…nice one Jules, maybe one day I’ll put my brain in gear before my mouth is in action….