Alice….& Chains.

AliceI loved Alice In Wonderland when I was a kid, truth be told I still do, so I was very pleased to see her popping up at the Pure show in London. No doubt it’s all down to the soon to be released Tim Burton film which I for one am looking forward to seeing, either way it was fun to see the modern Alice and company on licenced bags, purses and shirts, as well as images of the blonde, headband wearing Disney version. I have to say what caught my eye most were the more subtle hints at the traditional story and imagery, like “eat me” and “drink me” details, and card suit logos. Even some of the exhibitors dressed their displays in the style. Very “Queen of Hearts”…..I loved it.

  Tattoo art and Rockabilly were still well represented (including an amazing range of glittery zombie shoes which I fell madly for by a company called Iron Fist……but that’s a whole other story) so there were lots of anchors, cherries, skulls, daggers and hearts to be seen…..I have my eye on a range for the coming months so watch this space. Notail

  I finally caved in to my cuter, kitsch side and ordered a range from “No Tail” called “Big baby” it’s all bright resin and flowers….images to follow, but the piccie to the right should give you an idea (I’ll let you know when in lands in store)

  The range includes headbands, cuffs, rings, pendants and brooches….all equally colourful…all equally girly…..all equally cute.

  As for the chains, I mentioned last time bunches of pendants and charms are popular this year. So there were lots of chatelaine like collections making good use of the popular key shapes. Hung on layers of different coloured metals (cobber, brass, silver, gold) giving the impression the pieces had been collected and put together over the years, almost like a sentimental heirloom…..and that’s a subject for another day.